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Wall of Shame
Here is where we will put info on enemies of the truth and Church. Avoid these people. If any of those listed wants to get removed from this page, they just have to show me that they stand against these attacks on God's people.

The Dowd Family
Donna Dowd - Just 12 hours after her mother's death, she was writing checks and forging her mother's signature. For this, she was removed as co-executor of her mother's estate by a judge. She has further gone on to try to extort money from her brother. Try to tell her that these actions are not Christian and you will see the devil come forth.

Alfred "Al" Dowd - Alfred is an Ahab and will do whatever Donna, his wife, says. He has been known to call insurance companies claiming to be other people.

Alan Dowd of alanwdowd.com - Once thought to be the one Dowd with morals, he stood by and let Donna, his mother, continue in her ways.

Jackie Dowd - Watch out! She'll hold a grudge without letting you know what you did wrong.

Gina Dowd - Same as Jackie.

Ryan and Kyle Dowd of blueskycgi.com- Did nothing as their mother attacked their uncle and his family. Ryan also gave wealthy people the best seats at his wedding while less wealthy family with kids got stuck outside. Many with no table or seat at all. He then holds a grudge years later against those who got tired of standing and left.